September issue:

Adeela Salehjee cashmere knitwear, designed in London for an international clientele was featured in TATLER’s fall for it… style it out story.

Products to watch out for is The Chamonix: Our popular 100% cashmere slouchy beanie with saga approved fox fur known for keeping your blow drys in tact.

The Valloire: 100% Cashmere, lofty and super soft, jersey stitch throw on cardigan. Seasonless to say the least this cardigan is a wardrobe must have as a lightweight outerwear piece for spring/summer and a layering cardigan for fall/winter.

The St Moritz: 100% Cashmere bi colour reversible, floral jacquard shawl blanket. Perfect as a throw and throw on as a blanket scarf for those extra cold winter days.

Adeela Salehjee runs a cashmere made with love initiative where 10% of the proceeds are donated to keep someone else warm during the winter.

All products are available on and at selected pop up locations around London.

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Adeela Salehjee cashmere featured in TATLER

August Issue: Walking On Sunshine.. Hot to trot and too hot not to share!

We have had an exciting and busy last few months showing at Alexandra Palace, The Business design Centre followed by Spirit of Summer in conjunction with The House and Garden Festival. And things couldn’t have got hotter than our exciting Arosa Jumper in bright red being featured in TATLER with below information on our brand:

Adeela Salehjee, London based designer brand focusing on modern yet timeless knitwear working with natural fibres, predominantly cashmere. Inspired by a passion for travel and global gypsy meets jet set spirit, they combine luxury with a bohemian lifestyle. For cashmere essentials that take you from day to night, London to warmer destinations and back visit and shop the full collection at or contact 07931486794 for more information. 



TATLER’s Summer Staples

We know summer in London can be a bit unpredictable. So does Conde Nast publication’s TATLER magazine who have featured our cashmere as a  ‘summer staple’ in their July issue.

Our lightweight cashmere knits feel incredibly soft, luxurious and comfortable. They are designed to keep you warm, but the quality of yarn has insulating properties when combined with our oversized silhouettes and functional side button details also make them a wardrobe staple for use in the transitional seasons and for cool spring summer evenings.

Read our short text featuring The Valloire cardigan in natural white & The St Moritz double knit reversible blanket perfect for use at home, as an accessory, for travel or sailing on a fabulous yacht.

Adeela Salehjee is a London based designer brand focusing on modern yet timeless knitwear. Working with natural fibres, the collection is inspired by a passion for travel, jet set spirit meets global gypsy and combines luxury with a bohemian lifestyle.

For cashmere essentials that take you from day to night, London to your holiday destinations and back, visit and shop the full collection at

Knitwear, a wardrobe staple

As April approaches, we all get excited to welcome summer, rightfully so. Stores brighten up their windows with floral dresses in cotton & linens. We start pack away our woollies and make room for our spring/summer favourites. All this excitement till we realise, we live in England, a country shy of summer.

Apartment buildings turn off their central heating, and you find yourself digging through packed away cashmere sweaters & blankets to crawl under and portable heaters make their place in corners of your home to avoid your hands, feet and nose from changing body temperature.

When we do experience our few days of summer which rarely average 25 degrees, excited folks slip into summer dresses & flip flops to bask in the sun, only to reach for their favourite cardigan or hoody as the sun sets. And, how many times have you over confidently refused to take that extra layer only to have goose bumps and chattering teeth post 6pm. Holiday makers returning from the sweltering heat, sun kissed , full of vitamin D and dressed in shorts quickly realise the air-conditioning on the plane is preparing them for the weather in England.

Having experienced all of the above, we realised how important Cashmere is as a summer staple. Whether your summer consists of a city break, sailing in the Mediterranean or a relaxing beach holiday, we have put together a range of modern cashmere staples in various weights to squeeze into your hand carry for that unexpected chill.

Visit & shop the collection at

We look forward to keeping you warm and wish you an incredible summer.


Adeela Salehjee

Founder & Creative Director

Cashmere is the fine under fleece from a special type of goat. These fibres are grown under the rough outer hair that protects the goats against the long and bitter cold winters of the Himalayas, Iran, Mongolia and other Central Asian republics where temperatures can drop to -50 degree celsius. Raw cashmere fibres are collected during the spring months so the goats have the summer months to grow back their fleece to ensure they are warm during the winter. What we love most is that the fibres are collected by a manual combing process which, unlike the shearing process, is totally harmless to the animal.

Our supply chain partners are leading manufacturers of cashmere garments and accessories to some of the world’s premium and luxury brands. Their heritage combined with state of the art technology is truly a new way forward in garment design and production.

In order to be sustainable and competitive they are fully vertical i.e. they spin and dye their own yarn, as well as manufacture the finished garment. At the heart of production lies the expertise of the workers, whose skills have been passed through generations. From the farmers who farm and care for the cashmere goats on their grasslands; the technicians who spin and dye the yarn using the latest technology and raw materials; to the craftsmen who make and hand finish the garments to ensure each and every one of our designs is executed to the highest standard.

It is due to the hard work and dedication of these teams that help us to create our beautiful cashmere garments whilst remaining mindful of how the creation of our designs affect the environment.Consequently, the products tell our story of constantly striving to remain gentle, not only to the wearer, but also to the environment.

It’s easy to get deterred when the care labels reads “dry clean only”, but hand washing a cashmere sweater will actually keep it softer over time !

Here are our steps for caring for your luxurious knit:

Step 1: Fill a tub or bucket with lukewarm water (never hot, as it will potentially shrink/felt the garment).

Step 2: Use a natural baby shampoo or mild detergent and a clean towel.

Step 3: Dilute the detergent in the bucket or tub of water and submerge the cashmere for couple of minute. You can swish the garment around little bit but don’t twist or wring. Once it has been properly soaped, rinse the garment in clean water and transfer to a towel.

Step 4: press the garment between the towel to remove excess water, while still avoiding any twisting  or wringing.

Step 5(optional): leave the garment to dry on the flat to maintain its shape. It may take a day or two to dry.

With these simple steps and a little extra patience and time, you will end up saving on your dry cleaning bill while also maintaining the quality of your cashmere pieces!

Having worked with some of the top design houses in the world, Adeela Salehjee is no stranger to high fashion. Having recently launched her eponymous fashion label, we spoke to the extremely talented designer about her creative process and her future plans. Read on to find out everything she had to say.